Global Launch of the WHO QualityRights e-training to advance mental health, eliminate stigma and promote community inclusion   


Tuesday 12 April 2022 (15.00 to 16.30 CET)


A mindset revolution in mental health can be achieved globally 

We are pleased to invite you to the Global Launch of the WHO QualityRights e-training to advance mental health, eliminate stigma and promote community inclusion, on Tuesday 12 April 2022, 15.00 to 16.30 CET.

There is global consensus that prevailing attitudes and practices need to be transformed on a massive scale to advance mental health. However, in countries across the world, whether low, medium or high-income, the collective response has been inadequate.  A sea change in mental health is needed. Stigma and discrimination need to be replaced with hope, acceptance and inclusion in the community. In addition, services, policies and laws in the area of mental health need to reflect a person-centered, rights-based, holistic approach. 

WHO is pleased to announce that its innovative QualityRights e-training programme to transform attitudes and practices in mental health will be launched globally reaching all people in all countries. The e-training is a key tool for tackling stigma and discrimination and promoting mental health, recovery and community inclusion. It offers the opportunity for hundreds of thousands of people to also learn how to look after their own mental health, how to support others and how to build responsive mental health services. In doing so, the world will be on a better path to achieving good mental health outcomes. This global launch and rollout has an ambitious target – 1 million learners to have completed the e-training by the end of 2024.


Join us on 12 April at 15.00 CET to learn more about the QualityRights e-training and its strategic rollout over the next 3 years. You will hear from high level policy-makers and thought leaders in governments, UN agencies, humanitarian agencies and civil society about their plans to implement the e-training.  Through personal testimonies you will also hear how the programme has already positively impacted the personal and professional lives of those who have completed it.

The launch event will include interpretation in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.  International signing and captioning will also be available.

Please register now for the 12 April launch event here: